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Renuvion Cosmetic Technology

If you have heard of Renuvion, J-Plasty, or even J-Plasma, then you’re talking about Renuvion Cosmetic Technology, the game-changing procedure that tightens your loose skin. As the cosmetic plastic surgery field begins to expand, it may be overwhelming to find exactly what you need for loose skin. Luckily, the Diaco Institute of Plastic Surgery has what’s right for you: Renuvion Cosmetic Technology.

What is Renuvion Cosmetic Technology?

Renuvion Skin Tightening Technology

Renuvion applies radiofrequency energy and helium plasma causing controlled coagulation contraction of soft tissue below the skin, quickly and gently to tighten the loose skin on your body. In fact, this procedure is minimally invasive.

This innovative procedure has a combination of radiofrequency energy and helium plasma, that safely heats to the optimal temperature for maximum tissue contraction and cools down in less than a second. Even better, the procedure can be performed either awake or under anesthesia. Recovery time is much quicker and shorter because of how less invasive it is. You don’t have to go through excisional surgery when Renuvion Cosmetic technology could be what’s best for you.

How does it work?

The handheld device consists of a long, thin metal tube that is inserted under the skin through small incisions. Additionally, if it’s performed with other procedures, it can be inserted into existing incisions. Once the incision has been made, RF waves energize a stream of helium which creates a powerful surge of cool plasma that flows out of the device which we move back and forth across the treatment area. The cool plasma heats the underside of the skin, causing it to contract while still stimulating collagen production.

Am I a Contender?

If you are someone who is frustrated with loose skin, then you are a great candidate for Renuvion. Diaco wants to provide their patients with an effective technology to avoid any long-term scarring. The most popular areas of the body Renuvion is used on are:

  • Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Sides
  • Legs

What results can I expect?

Renuvion gives you immediate results. After the procedure, you will see visibly tighter skin. Additionally. Collagen will be rebuilding over time to continue firming and rejuvenating the area Renuvion was used on. There will be minimal swelling and due to the small incision, there will be no scarring. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you will have long-term results. Without Renuvion, this extraordinary technology helps you have the body you have always wanted without unsightly scarring.

Diaco Institute of Plastic Surgery is here to provide you with more answers to any of your questions pertaining to Renuvion. If you are considering a new, contoured body, Diaco can help you decide which path to take and if you should get Renuvion. With our expert team and wonderful customer service, we can give you all of your plastic surgery dreams.