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Lumenis Laser Hair Removal

Excess body hair. You find it here. You find it there. That does not mean unwanted body hair needs to stay. People are getting rid of their back hair, leg hair and underarm hair with LightSheer® DESIRE™. The total treatments needed will vary from person to person and depend on the area from which the body hair needs to be removed.

The LightSheer® DESIRE™ works by utilizing a system that is essentially composed of a vacuum that gently stretches and pulls the skin during treatment. Then, the melanocytes in the area being treated spread apart and the flow of blood is restricted. The process triggers the natural healing process in your skin and stops the follicles from growing again. Steps are also taken to minimize discomfort on and around the area being treated.


LightSheer® DESIRE™ is efficient, fast and provides a realistic safe option for long-term removal of unwanted hair. The built-in technology allows for precise targeting of specific areas of skin on your body and far less energy makes its way into the upper or outer layer of the skin, making this treatment safer than other options.

Many people, especially people who enjoy an active lifestyle in beautiful Florida weather, have some extra body hair they would like to live without. LightSheer® DESIRE™ is the answer.


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